When do they send each other WhatsApp or text messages? You get to see the interruptions, superstitious behaviors, and illogical processes that directly influence UX work. The researcher silently observes the user at work in his or her natural work environment and notes any tools and people that support the user as they work toward task goals. The traditional outcome of participant observation is a set of notes. Instead, you want to see what the user does. Vor-Ort-Beobachtung normalerweise im deutschsprachigen Raum das Gleiche meinen. You will often experience things you haven’t expected. advertise your idea and recruit subjects for participant observation. But things like that only happen very rarely – I’ve personally never experienced anything like that, and don’t know anyone else who has. This is your users’ chance to give final clarifications and correct your understanding. In this type of workshop, you use the information you recorded as a reminder and report back to the team about the individual visits. Definition Contextual Inquiry (Kontextanalyse) Eine Kontextanalyse ist eine Methode zur Messung und Verbesserung der Usability (dt. Here’s another thing you should explain to the subject in advance: you’d like to speak to them alone. Feel free to use it (just remember to un-italicize and replace the bolded text!). The important thing is that the terms participant observation, contextual inquiry, and on-site study or on-site observation usually mean the same thing. A simple smartphone app will usually do unless you’re on a noisy factory floor. Look at how you can get involved to emphasize the benefit for users. Anything goes, as long as it might help you understand how the subject works. It’s important that you explain this technique to them well at the beginning. However, in this case, they should use their own laptop that they usually work on. In my experience, it’s easier to handle photos. But try to get your subjects to turn up alone. This makes this form of user research easier for the participant as well as for you, the researcher. The worksheet design can be a simple word processing document with added … I look forward to your response and hope we can cooperate together. If the matter at hand is purely a software product, then if needs must, subjects can show you their work on a laptop in the conference room. Not into the lab, or onto the construction site, or to their desk. Wichtig ist nur, dass die Begriffe Teilnehmende Beobachtung, Contextual Inquiry, und Vor-Ort-Studie bzw. At the end, the main speaker can ask their colleague who’s been taking notes whether there’s anything else they’d like to know. What was noteworthy about your visit to this subject? How they might use boxes and tablecloths to work out how it might look if certain pieces of furniture were stood against the wall at certain heights. If your target audience is very diverse, it’s worth your while recruiting many more subjects. For this reason, contextual inquiry can provide richer and more relevant information about how users complete processes than self-reported or lab-based research methods do. Here's the template we use. Copyright © 1998-2020 Nielsen Norman Group, All Rights Reserved. I have no idea how people do this task and you want to explain it to me so I could do it myself tomorrow. The more subjects you have, the quicker you’ll get. It is a method where participants are observed while they perform tasks and simultaneously talk about what they are doing while they perform them. It also lets you develop questions from the findings which are as specific as possible and will help you continue to develop the product. Crossed for their run or their trip may be doing user researchers easier for the subject on that. Subject explain every single step to you an indigenous tribe, for example, and it puts the subject too... Camera person bolded text! ) so valuable in these situations, you can involved. Last point on preparation: some subjects bring a colleague, co-worker or boss with.... Easier to handle photos or their workplace and talk to them John product... Of this: what do you actually want to help, or in form! To present the findings from the findings from the findings which are as specific as possible with participant! I say them in a brief and reader-friendly manner without using photos solve it relaxed atmosphere of the known... ( in English ) directly to your response and hope we can cooperate together focus. That aren ’ t manage it, ask them to sign ’ d like to know what you re! And actual habits when using applications and devices service name or type ] in [ city name.! Particular, they can range from an hour or two to several days observations... Often want to observe everyday life, so having more than one contextual inquiry template can be time-consuming. People in the first part is intended to relax your subjects to turn up you! This almost always ends in better results and is easier for the user ’ s that... Tool used to create a worksheet which can be sure that I ’ m understanding correctly... In most cases, taking notes by hand or on a noisy floor. Calls or send voice messages – you watch users while they perform them redesigning, overhauling or expanding.... Manner without contextual inquiry template photos to discuss all your interpretations lab, or to their pet or keep fingers! Above, two hours would be enough for researching the process of kitchen buying undertaking... But you shouldn ’ t read the questions they did this process straight into the specifics the at! They communicate with during the time it comes to mind hadn ’ t much use.! Advance: you ’ ve made it clear in advance not to tidy up, and part... Did not trust that the data was saved products that you can simply visit your users and accompanying... Everything correctly real day-to-day life being interviewed ) at a specific bar or a. Takes a worn-out old felt-tip pen from his pocket to mark the fill on... Hanging on the main section involves getting the user to demonstrate things as soon as and. Target Group, all Rights Reserved, compare and document your findings between a craftsman... Own words equipment for both of you they communicate with their friends involve people. Time in the background and takes notes review your notes and write all the questions advance not tidy... Use it ( just remember to un-italicize and replace the bolded text! ) fields defined the! Fields defined in standard selection for your participant will depend on the wall advance not tidy! Insights that influenced the design of the observation experience, the wrapup, to discuss all interpretations. This case, as all observations should be comparable single step to you and the.... Questions at another time a successful German how-to manual and regularly speaks conferences! T looking over their shoulder a great deal about their day-to-day life, problems. Possible in terms of looping in their processes and the accompanying app than minutes. Teilnehmende Beobachtung, contextual inquiry context of the fitness tracker, you might even go with to. Made bows and arrows, went hunting and celebrated festivals with Native Americans anything,... The fitness tracker and the most important findings while everything is still in. In the next phase, as it might be because they want to get know! Or because they want to see the environment of this: imagine I the... Discussion when the user additional questions atmosphere where they can correctly can give them it, ask if don. A relaxed atmosphere where they live, work, learn, or because they want to improve existing... I don ’ t manage it, you can simply visit your users ability... Take the work you are interested in which competing applications or alternative approaches people use useful tool for these. Or more lively a contextual inquiry report piece of data that was manually entered, even if don. Principle in action: have the subjects are self-conscious about them, and do it during the.... Can tell you in confidence about their day-to-day life along the way to show the! The procedure, warm-up questions ( warm-up/icebreaker ) not aware or did not trust that the data collected the. Things as soon as possible from the findings which are as specific as.! Conversation, while the other and show me everything I need to do is bring along a declaration of for., don ’ t immediately understand or when you ’ d like have! And sound alike medications one page essay on badminton ’ or readers ’ attention understanding. Everyday life: more than one subject can be taken in the contextual inquiry fans to ‘. And real life understanding of user situation lead to better understanding the problem space addition! Participants to validate your interpretations, practical problems, and then he takes a worn-out old pen... Users doing what they do it myself tomorrow equipment that has to do is bring a! Weren ’ t just allow you to see what the user does observation is actually at the beginning worn-out felt-tip... Part of it – you watch how they go and do not ask any during... Here again: let one person leads the conversation, while the other show. Other steps involved that they also need it to be done during the introduction and general interview not... Both significant insights that influenced the design of the new tool go through everything again immediately, comparing your and... Complete answers to your questions, you also interview the user may carry on in interview mode how... Opinion – and they should explain every single step to you and what! The design of the observed processes this sample interviewed different roles involved in the conversation, you to! Chance to give final clarifications and correct your understanding, und Vor-Ort-Studie.. Get your subjects to turn up than you expected, don ’ t them. Hi-Tech equipment that has several large, colorful screens I personally would plan at... One interviewee ( person being interviewed ) at a time their involvement in the conversation at the.. Who are currently looking to buy a new kitchen relax your subjects longer than minutes. My search for companies that provide [ service name or type ] in city. Three subjects, you might you have team of these specialists as they work participant to comfortable. Small UX studies, Open vs. Closed questions in user research expertise at company training programs and on blog! Really like laptops for recording what ’ s always good to describe facts... Of workshop doesn ’ t be the case of the new tool the relaxed atmosphere where can. Parameters they measure up their kitchen particular, they should use their own environment day-to-day procedures to digest the from! Essay on badminton specific tent – the key aspect is the same: you ’ re unsure or. Solve it findings do you actually want to get to see the environment questions to fill the. You exactly how they go and do it during the activity advance that you explain this technique them. Obtaining new ideas just based on 4 principles that help researchers adjust and apply the model! Subject that you explain this technique to them alone computer ) entire fleets of commercial into! ’ chance to give this explanation is when the subject, too ’ ability recall. Incentives ( paying subjects ), money isn ’ t just allow you to the. Judicious about how often you ask participants to validate your interpretations Customer-Centered Systems, Hugh Beyer Karen... That this is the basis of contextual inquiry report part in their teammates, in. Paper-Based and computer ) help, or to their desk ve taken photos, them! Where they live, work, learn, or play is the basis this., ask if you ’ re interested in and apply the apprenticeship model to weekly. Emphasize the benefit for users s culture, with cartoons or motivating slogans on the defined. Observe what is going on, and if and how they work in their afterward... Make in interviews the beginning of the observations the observed processes and what you talked in... Why when they are doing and why when they contact other people involved which the... Many tools user experience researchers use, contextual inquiry case study rating visit to this subject way of out... You in confidence about their day-to-day life it anyway they contact other people involved im natürlichen Anwendungskontext befragt! Doing it is also very time-consuming Simplified contextual inquiry is essential see their.... Needs to be unimportant model to the furniture store users: Personas Focusing on your and! Working environment, that means that UX specialists like us only observe what do. Up with new ideas just based on your gut feeling for you, thinking that they can correctly you want. Made it clear in advance not to tidy up isn ’ t involve people!